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Grass Valley Wholesale would like to take this opportunity to update our customers and answer questions you may have. Yes, the lot is very low on vehicles. And No, we are not closing, at least not at this current time.

We are taking some time off. We will be closed for the first 3 weeks in July. We will return to normal operation on 7/26/2021. After going to work everyday through this Covid nonsense, trying to stay afloat while the government ruins all small business. Well, we made it, at least somewhat. The future remains murky. But at this point in time I'm very burnt out and will be taking some time away from the lot.

After nearly a year and a half of unconstitutional mandates, we are trying to salvage our business. Many others are doing the same. Some of us defied these orders, as they were the poster child of tyranny. Laws are legislated. Orders are something given by dictators. Some of you stood up for your rights. Others swallowed down the propaganda and watched their rights taken from them without even a whimper. And for those of you that complied with all of this, enjoy your "new normal". The rights that you allowed to be taken from you will never be returned, unless, of course, they are taken back by force. But after watching the scared sheeple just hand over their rights, I'm not optimistic that will happen. So, for those of you that allowed this to happen, ENJOY.... Nothing will ever go back to "NORMAL" Be prepared to live on your knees the rest of your lives.

With that out of the way, I would like to address the status of the lot and the low inventory. After this second round of funny money stimulus checks, we once again got busy. But, when you lock down an entire country over a virus less likely to cause death than as lightning strike, and the government prints of trillions in funny money with no backing, and then pacifies the masses with $1400 bucks while giving billions of "our" tax money to corporations, something had to happen. And that is called INFLATION.

So, for the vehicles we have sold, they are impossible to replace. Currently, I'm having to pay at least 1/3 more for vehicles than what they cost at the first of the year. In some cases, mainly trucks and 4x4 SUV's, the prices have doubled. For example, if you bought a new pickup in 2018, kept it nice, average miles, you could get as much or more for it than you did when you purchased it new. I've been doing the car thing since 1998 and I've never seen anything like this.

To add to the problem, everything else has gone up as well. My transport costs have skyrocketed. So have parts. Fuel. Everything has gone up. And to put it quite simply, it is very difficult to attain any vehicles that make any sort of sense. Nearly every vehicle I could buy I would lose money on as the finance company won't touch them for what they would have to be sold for. And of course the customers would bitch as well. Some are very misinformed what is going on in the financial markets. I literally look over near 100 vehicles before I can stumble across one that makes any sense and is affordable. And this, in a nutshell is why the lot is so empty of vehicles.

We will be taking the next several weeks off. I will be going out of town for part of this time. If there happens to be a vehicle we have in inventory that you wish to purchase, I can probably arrange for that. You can contact us by sending an email through the website, http://www.gvwholesaleauto.com. I also will continue to try and round up some new inventory for the lot during this time period, and we will try and get caught up servicing the vehicles we have in the wings. Hopefully the market will settle some, and maybe we can come across some good vehicles to sell at reasonable prices, which has always been our claim to fame. But if we can't, more than likely we will succumb like many other small businesses and close the doors. This all seems to be by design. The puppet government and the corporations that pull it's strings want control over everything. Open your eyes, see what is going on around you, and then do something about it.



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